Note Takers

A Note Taker for Deaf – Electronic / Manual

Some people will  use Note Takers for deaf people, in addition to, or instead of, communication support such as Interpreters or Communication Support Workers.

BSL clients, may need the services of both an Interpreter/ CSW and a Notetaker because it is impossible to take notes and follow a signer at the same time.

For non BSL users, they may prefer to use a Note Taker for written notes at meetings.

All of our Note Takers are specially trained in preparing notes for deaf clients. A Note Taker will always ask the client for their preference in how the notes are needed.

Notes can either be handwritten (Manual) or on a laptop (Electronic Note-taker).

Note Takers should be given regular breaks.

If over a longer period, you may need to book more than one Note Taker.

STTR (Speech To Text Reporter) / Palantypist

A Speech To Text Reporter is also known as a Palantypist.

The reporter will type every word as it is said. The typed words then appear on a screen to be read at the same time.

It is a bit like having subtitles for the event.

Useful for deaf people read English at high speed for long periods (normally over 2 hours). Used in conferences and often words are projected onto big screens.

If conference is over 2 hours, 2 STTR are required

STTR should be given regular breaks – 10 minutes an hour is the norm – it is a very tiring job

They also need to have access to electric for their equipment and as much pre-agenda information as possible before the event.

Sometimes, if you want to keep the transcript you must make this clear when making a booking.